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change name
qm is a tool for professionals too,
maybe 'quick macros' is misleading.

one can make quick macros, but also complex scripts.

i don't know now what the name for qm3 should be,
but maybe we can discuss about it.

my client thinks when i say quick macros, that he can make it alone.
he is wrong ..., but you know -> its the word quick.

and how do i name that what i do for 3 years now mainly on a daily base ?

? yeah, i extend windows with quick macros ...
I agree, pi. When I say "I program a lot of my software myself", I get a lot of reaction. When they ask what language I use, I tell them "Quick macros". From then, it seems, they are disinterrested. "Quick" and "Macros" does discribe the simplest things you can do with the software, but it doesn't come close to describing the most complex. I've converted many VB and VBs users to QM users. So, how do you capture the non-progammers and the veterans with a name alone? This software is useful to both. Maybe having 2 different names advertising to 2 different groups of people. What are your thoughts Gintaras?

Matt B
Matt B
i sometimes use the term 'shell scripting' to describe my work.
and then i have to explain what a shell is ...
i'll try to setup an example for a qmscript exchange on my server.
Quick Miracles
Quantum Mechanics
Queen Mary
Quick Marriage
Question Mark
Quiet Monkey
Quit Microsoft
Quite Mystic
Yes, now name "Quick Macros" does not describe the program. But I probably will not change the name. Maybe better, for example, to give the QM language a name, for example "QMScript".
Gintaras Wrote::lol:
Quit Microsoft

you will go straight to heaven for this :twisted:
I like QMScript but that may only be one step away from the "Quick Macros" stigma. What about WMSL (Windows Macro Scripting Language) (of course I take no responsibility in you getting sued for it :lol: ).

Or something that describes the ability to run multiple types of languages in it (ie Dos and VB) like Multiple Language Scriping (MLS).
Quote:"and how do i name that what i do for 3 years now mainly on a daily base ?"

How about over ~10~ years for me now!!!!!!

I usually say something like "Win32 API Hooking and Subclassing programming environment" if I think that the person will look down on me for saying anything that has the word "script' in it.
But TMI for someone who just wants to know what "language" I do all my 'wizardry' in.


Syntaxer would be a nice name.

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