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one suspended QM process in TaskMgr after exit QM MIDI triggers
Using QM MIDI triggers for years already (in W10) with its icon always present in my system tray.

I inadvertently pressed 'exit' from its menu and started it again some time later. Now I have two QM MIDI trigger icons, where one is unresponsive. This one corresponds in the task manager to a 'Quick Macros (32 bit)' process with status 'suspended'. Trying to End the process does nothing.

Restarting my laptop helps but I would really love to have a better/faster way.

Thanks !
Strange. And I cannot reproduce. Maybe some other software is involved.
Gintaras, Thank you for checking !

it's  not really a problem for me and as long as I do not end QM or QM MIDI triggers it does not occur.

Still enjoying your QM Every Day !! for over 20 years I guess.
I often find myself making a new small handy macro or toolbar, allowing me to 'shape my digital life' as I desire it to be.


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