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ChatGPT seems to generate correct QM response!
If image doesn't show:

[Image: 1.png]
The results I obtained are different, but they are Basically correct. For some simple problems, the results are very good
The referenced URL cannot be opened, the domain name has been switched, which may affect the results?

 To delete a file in Quick Macros, you can use the DeleteFile function. Here's an example code:
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str filename = "example.txt";
if(DeleteFile(filename) == 0) out "Failed to delete file.";
else out "File deleted successfully!";
 This code uses the
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function to delete the file named "example.txt". If the function returns a value of 0, the deletion has failed, and the program prints a failure message. Otherwise, if the function succeeds, the program prints a success message.
Chatgpt seems to be talking nonsense  Big Grin

Do you know LibreAutomation

Yes, I am familiar with LibreAutomate. It is an open-source automation and task automation app for Android devices.
It's interesting. I have also tried asking ChatGPT to write QuickScore/LA code to implement several rather complicated tasks on my computer. ChatGPT does a fantastic job with the questions I ask, and the generated code is very clear, with comments for each step. What I do is I provide ChatGPT with more details about QuickMacro. I paste a piece of example code written by Gintaras into ChatGPT and inform ChatGPT that the code snippet is written in a programming language called qm. I let ChatGPT learn the pattern/grammar rule. If needed, I will provide more example codes. Then I ask ChatGPT what I want to do and also instruct ChatGPT not to make changes to the programming language grammar rules. The outcome is really good.

[Image: x9URrX0.jpg]
[Image: QYu9UXD.jpg]

[Image: pk4HWRk.jpg]

PS: This code snippet is not written by Gintaras. It’s a test.

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