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How to define and save a macro

I am trying and evaluating Quick Macros to see if it fits my needs. Well, it should, as I've seen, it's quite a complete program full of nifty features.
As a premise, I'd like to point out that until now, I've been using MS Recorder. Very simple-to-use utility. This worked fine until I switched OS from Millenium to XP. Under XP, it appears not to be working properly. I was very used to it and it served me well 'till now. The usage was quite simple: <Record Macro>... and then I entered my keystrokes and finished recording with Pause/Break key. - <Save macro> and it was done!
Here, with Quick Macros, I understood how to record (there is a red button...), but didn't understand how to =finish= recording keystrokes and save my macro.
Can you help me? Is there a way to 'import' MS Recorder macros into Quick Macros?

When you start recording, in the bottom right corner of the screen appears "QM recording" dialog. When you finish, click one of buttons in the dialog. Read tooltips what each button does. Saving is not necessary.
OK! Found! The 'Insert' button stops recording. That's what I wanted to know.
I have recorded a few macros replying to my old ones (same commands) but I ran in a little problem - That's what I wanted to get: Copy Filename from Explorer & select next file -stop-
The scrip replied:

act win("_Download" "ExploreWClass")

Since I recorded it from a directory called "_Download" that's fine if I have to operate only w/ that directory. What about if I want that macro to work in 'any' directory of explorer?
replace "_Download" to ""

Is there a way to loop a macro and defining also a command to stop the loop?
Another question regarding a default existing macro: the one that recalls a little menu by sliding the mouse vertically w/ the options 'email, Text, Files' - I'd like to know how to edit it and a way to add a 'Capitalize' voice which could complete the Lower and Upper case switching (for Capitalize, I mean switching in Upper Case the first letter of each word of the phrase)
Thank you.

Please read Help, Quick Start. It contains answers about looping (repeating) and editing menus.

Create new member function (click menu File -> New -> New Member Function). Name it str.CapWords . Paste this code using menu Edit -> Other Formats -> Paste Escaped:

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;Capitalizes first character of each word.

;str s="quick macros"
;out s ;;"Quick Macros"

ARRAY(lpstr) a
tok this a
int i
for i 0 a.len

Then insert this somewhere in Sample menu:

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Capitalize :str s.getsel; if(s.len) s.CapWords; s.setsel
Can you put this in the next version?

Good to have.
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