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Grabbing text from a PDF
I've got a standard text PDF (no images) and I'd like to be able to just grab the text out of the PDF and be able to assign it to a string variable to process.  Right now I'm having to rely on CTRL-C to copy the PDF text to the clipboard and then grab the clipboard in QM and assign it to a string varible.  The only problem with that is that every PDF viewer selects the text a little differently and all the information isn't always in the same spot across different PDF viewers (PDFComplete, Acrobat, Edge, etc).  I noticed there are PDF COM Libraries available, but have no idea how to use them or even if they would help do what I'm trying to do.  

Each PDF I am working with is basically a Form that is automatically generated from another program.  I am trying to extract the information from that form to be able to process and save it in a different format.  Does this make sense?

Thanks ahead of time...

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