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latest qm3 download seems to have broken qm3
I download qm3 after seeing you had updated it and now the program seems to be missing parts.
just creating a new script shows these errors
Thank you. Somehow the setup program does not update some files. I'll reply here when fixed and uploaded new version.
Fixed, uploaded.
Also in this version fixed many other bugs.
thanks for that. Now i have few other problems. #1 font size is way to small again and no way to adjust it besides ctrl+scroll on every script. Also says using static Au.AStatic; doesn't exist. If I remove that  using statement script runs with no problems.

I like some of the improvements. The AWpfBuilder class looks promising.
Now uploaded new QM3 version, with working Font page in Options.

Removed Print and using static Au.AStatic, but added snippets. Now you can type print or out and Space/Enter/Tab, and it will become AOutput.Write();.
thanks for that

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