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free macro #4 - quick folder access
The standard Places Bar in many open/save dialog boxes rather sucks. You can of course customize this "feature" but if you want more than 5 icons or shorcuts, your SOL.

My solution was to create a simple popup menu with dir choices. The trigger here is the Activation of the Winamp or the Cool Edit Open files dialog. Actually it's two different macros for the menus. Once the dialog is open, a click away and then back to the dialog, displays the menu.

For the menu (this is for winamp. the cooledit is virtually identical):
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Mp3's :goto_folder("Winamp",0)
Mutant :goto_folder("Winamp",1)
WinMX :goto_folder("Winamp",2)
Music Search :run "E:\music search.pds"
goto_folder is a function:
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/ opens one of several folders for Winamp or Cool Edit Pro
function $prog fldr
str p = prog
int f = fldr
if(p == "Winamp")
    lef 110 5 id(1148 "Open file(s)")
    ;selects the whole filename line
    key ESH
    goto SelFolder
if(p == "Cool")
    lef 105 10 id(1152 "Open a Waveform")
    key ESH
sel f
    case 0: "E:\mp3's"
    case 1: "E:\Mutant"
    case 2: "E:\Download\WinMX"
;Alt+o to open the dir
key Ao
For those of you who don't know, you can type the name if a dir in the filename location of an open/save dialog box and be "transfered" to that location.
Just say HEMP!

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