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WM_NOTOFY message question
this code sits as my message3 in #sub DlgProc.  i have 2 questions below...
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NMHDR* nh=+lParam
if(nh.idFrom=3) ret DT_Ret
if(nh.idFrom=6) ret DT_Ret
(hDlg scAutomate_Grid_Notify(nh))
ret 2

i have 2 Grids and i want to return which of the Grids was edited. i am using LVN_ENDLABELEDIT but dont know how to return the control ID so i can execute a sub script against a specific Grid
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,out "end edit: item=%i subitem=%i text=%s" di.item.iItem di.item.iSubItem di.item.pszText

another question regarding NOTIFY message. i see this returns the row and col that was clicked but how do I return the text of that row/col?
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,case NM_CLICK ;;when user clicks a row and it does not begin cell edit mode
,out "row click: %i %i %s" na.iItem na.iSubItem na.lParam

Macro Macro3001
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DlgGrid g.Init(nh.hwndFrom)
str s=g.CellGet(na.iItem na.iSubItem)

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