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Record menu under Win-10 Windows Explorer
I wonder whether I could record menu commands (Ctrl+Shift+K) under WIndows-10 Explorer (it worked with XP). Any advice mostly welcome.
No, there is no classic menu.

To select items in such windows, use keys or Acc. To see keys press Alt.

Macro Macro2963
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int w=win("Test" "CabinetWClass")
act w
if 1
,key A{hpr} V
,Acc aPage.Find(w "PAGETAB" "Home" "class=NetUIHWND" 0x1005)
,Acc aButton.Find(w "SPLITBUTTON" "Properties" "class=NetUIHWND" 0x1005)
Gintaras, many thanks - as always - from a beginner in Win-10. Let me please ask one more question regarding explorers 'Sort by' - "NetUIHWND" popup (drop-down) list : Is there any way to "read" what is selected (checked) on it? Could this perhaps read from registry? Many thanks in advance.
Tried accessible objects, but they don't tell when checked. Don't know other ways.

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