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Trigger when text field filled
I'm really new to QM and still stumbling around.

I need to create a macro that is triggered when a text-box in a window is not blank. 

Normally the text-box is empty but the program occasionally writes a string of characters into the box. 

I can't use "wait for color" since I don't know what characters or how many will get written.

Any help would be appreciated.
If need a trigger, try accessible object triggers. Maybe the program generates an event when text changes.

Or create macro that waits for non-empty text of the text field. Example:
Macro Macro2927
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int w=win("Trigger when text field filled - Google Chrome" "Chrome_WidgetWin_1")
Acc a.Find(w "PUSHBUTTON" "Search" "" 0x3001 0 0 "previous")
str s=a.Value
int wasBlank=s.len=0
,;out s
,int isBlank=s.len=0
,if isBlank!=wasBlank
,,if !isBlank
,,,out "TRIGGER"
In this example, the text field is: Chrome -> QM forum -> Search.

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