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#compile __Gdip: place at top? And need .dll?
If I use "GdipBitmap" like this:

Function SaveImageFromClipboard
Copy      Help
GdipBitmap im

If I want to use the code also in a compiled QM .exe then:

Do I need to place #compile "__Gdip" at the very top at the script? (if compiling to .exe)
(currently it is somewhere in the middle of my script)
I looked in the helpfile under: #compile , but could not find anything about placing it at the top.
But I am almost sure I read somehwere that you need to place these #directives at the top.

Do I need to add an .dll at the compiled .exe location if using #compile "__Gdip"?
Could not find an .dll related to "GdipBitmap" within:  ...\QuickMacrosPortable_dev\App\QuickMacros

I compiled to .exe and tried my code and it works but I do not knoiw if this because QM is running/installed and therefore resolving external libraries and such...?
1. No. Anywhere before using it.
2. No.

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