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export text, create new file
i see a makedir and how to edit files, copy , rename etc

i dont see how to make a new file and save data to it, is this possible within QM or does it have to be a manual process (open notepad, select window, paste (Ctrl+v) then navigate to file menu, etc ) ?  Or are there QM commands i can execute... assume file doesnt exist and data was created by the script, how can i ave to text file on desktop for example.  thanks
Function Function11
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str s="test"
thanks red, quick question in the helpfile it has a Flag 1 for setfile to "append new line charac" i assume this will place text on newline, below current text

not happening, am i understanding this wrong?

Function Function11
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str s="test2"
s.setfile("$desktop$\nameoftextfile.txt" -1 -1 1)

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