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Fsharp support
I found qm3 use dotnet core 3, F# is a very good language, it has the same power of dotnet platform and more like a script language.

Will QM3 support F# in the future?

BTW, QM2 is still a paid software and far more powerful than QM3 alpha, I think qm2 and qm3 are quite different product. Is it worth to buy qm2 now?
F# no. Maybe after many years. Now the automation library can be used with F# in Visual Studio.

You decide. QM3 is unfinished, not even alpha. Many things will be changed. Some functions changed, renamed, removed, etc. Need 1 or more years to make it stable enough to be used.
Thank you, it means qm2 is a mature product and I really like the qm2 scripting language.

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