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Create exe; command line run script
I have 2 questions:

1/ How do you build the script into an executable?
2/ How do you run the script from the command line?
1. In Properties select role exeProgram. Optionally change outputPath. Then compile or run.
Thanks Gintaras.
Is the compiled files located in "%documents%/Au/Main/.compiled" folder? I saw a lot of numbered files in there but none of them ended with .EXE extension. How could I execute them?
"%documents%/Au/Main/bin", but you can change it in Properties / outputPath.
QM3 creates several files.
ScriptX.dll - contains compiled script code.
ScriptX.exe - unmanaged .NET Core app host program that loads the dll.
Au.dll - automation library.
64\AuCpp.dll and 32\AuCpp.dll - unmanaged dlls used by Au.dll in 64-bit and 32-bit processes.

Currently cannot create single .exe file.
Somehow I don't see the "bin" folder under "/Au/Main" directory. The only folders I've seen under /Au/Main folder are:
and files.xml and state.db files.
My current windows OS is Windows Server 2019 Essentials.
What is the first line of the script? Should be like
C# code:
/*/ role exeProgram; outputPath %AFolders.Workspace%\bin; /*/ //.

Let the script show a dialog. Then in Windows Task Manager right click the process and select "Open file location". The process is named like the script.
Thanks Gintaras.
When I put the line you've mentioned as the first line in my script then I could see the "bin" folder now.
I don't know why when I click on the "New Script" button on the menu bar, the new script does not have that line at all.
That line is added by the Properties dialog when in it you select role exeProgram. Also you can change outputPath. OK, Compile, and you have ScriptX.exe in outputPath folder.
Thanks Gintaras, I could set the outputPath like you said and in my script I could see that line was added in.
But that option is not saved at all, I have to set the outputPath every time I create a new script. Is there a way to set it permanently?
I don't know, somehow it does not remember the new option for outputPath.
When I click "New Script", that option is blank again.
Default outputPath value currently cannot be changed. But do you really want to create exe file for each script? Why not use the default role miniProgram?
Actually I usually use the default role in miniProgram but when I want to create an EXE, I have to manually set the outputPath to the "bin" folder, 'cause it always blank there.

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