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trouble with some accessory objects
Hello friends,

I wrote code that manipulates a hospital PACS system by Carestream.
It works perfectly on several computers, but not all. It seems that in some computers (running the same OS) the "accessory objects actions" dialog does not even recognize some windows, but the "control-specific actions" dialog does. any idea?
It's not a chrome based application.
What is the window name and class name? And what is the code created by the "Find accessible object" dialog?
If the "Find accessible object" dialog creates incorrect code, you can edit the code in the dialog. Press the ... button to edit easier.
Possibly window name is different in different web browser versions. Or it depends on OS language. Then try to use wildcard or regular expression in window name.
The "Find accessible objects" dialog remains empty after I drag the drag tool to the window. It seems like it ignores the window. When I press the ... it takes me to "window properties" which also is blank
Look in Options. If "Run as" is User, select Administrator or uiAccess. Or let that program run not as administrator.

If it does not work, I don't know, maybe the window somehow protects itself from automation software, for example if it is a game.
Or maybe QM on that computer is running in some sandbox, for example Sandboxie.
Unfortunately It's none of the above. It is weird though that the "control-specific actions" dialog has no problem detecting even childs on that window but not the "Find accessible objects" dialog

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