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Create folder with version number

I am wondering if a tool inside QM could help me do this - or maybe a CMD command, although I haven't found how yet.

I am trying to create a folder on the disk, named with the version number of a software (this is a variable that changes over time, I don't want to hardcode it).
That version is in Help - About. It's also on a text file on my disk. It can also be found by right-clicking the file - Properties - details - product version.
It is NOT in the registry. I cannot see it with the "Explore windows" option of QM either (I thought maybe by checking the Help - About window..).

this function should work for you.

Function GetFileVersionString
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function# $file str&string [$infokind]

;Extracts string from version resource of exe or dll.
;infokind can be one of following strings (default is "FileDescription"):
;Comments InternalName ProductName CompanyName LegalCopyright ProductVersion FileDescription LegalTrademarks PrivateBuild FileVersion OriginalFilename SpecialBuild
;Returns 1 on success, 0 on failure.

;str s
;if(GetFileVersionString("iexplore.exe" &s)) out s

;dll# version GetFileVersionInfoSize $lptstrFilename *lpdwHandle
;dll# version GetFileVersionInfo $lptstrFilename dwHandle dwLen !*lpData
;dll# version VerQueryValue !*pBlock $lpSubBlock !**lplpBuffer *puLen

if(!infokind or !infokind[0]) infokind="FileDescription"

str file2.searchpath(file); if(!file2.len) end "file not found"
int i vis=GetFileVersionInfoSize(file2, &i); if(!vis) ret
str s.all(vis 2) ss; word* lc; lpstr ls
if(!GetFileVersionInfo(file2, i, vis, s)) ret
if(!VerQueryValue(s, "\VarFileInfo\Translation", &lc, &i) or !lc or !i) ret

ss.format("\StringFileInfo\%04x%04x\%s" lc[0] lc[1] infokind)
if(VerQueryValue(s, ss, &ls, &i)) goto return
;lc[0] has problems with some programs (Word, Excel)
ss.format("\StringFileInfo\0409%04x\%s" lc[1] infokind)
if(VerQueryValue(s, ss, &ls, &i)) goto return
ret 1

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str filePath="$program files$\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
str s
if(GetFileVersionString(filePath &s "ProductVersion")) out s
;create folder with Product version as name
mkdir F"$Drive$\{s}"

or you can
Download file Archive.qml: Collected QM apps, functions, samples
Import folder FileVersionInfo from it. It is in folder Functions, classes..
examples inside folder
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I actually found an answer but it was using batch files. I prefer your method of doing it through QM. I will give it a go today.

What I ended up with was this command:
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@echo off
set "npver="&for /F "tokens=2delims==" %%a in ('wmic datafile where "Name='c:\\Windows\\System32\\notepad.exe'" get version /format:list') do set "npver=%%a"
echo mkdir c:\%npver%_20%date:~6,2%%date:~0,2%%date:~3,2% > c:\Commands\NPver.cmd

So it creates a cmd file that contains the Mkdir command, madeof the result of the version query, followed by today's date. I then called those CMD files via QM.

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