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using user32.dll defined functions: GetScrollInfo
Hello again,

I am attempting to receive the scrollbar range of a form, say in notepad.

This is what I came up with:

Macro Macro6
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int w=win(" - Notepad" "Notepad")
Acc a.Find(w "SCROLLBAR" "Vertical" "class=Edit[]id=15" 0x1035)
int hwndScrollbar=child(a) ;;Toolbar handle

def SB_CTL 2
def SIF_RANGE 0x1
def SIF_PAGE 0x2
dll user32 #GetScrollInfo hWnd nBar SCROLLINFO'lpsi 

GetScrollInfo(hwndScrollbar SB_CTL tSI)
out tSI.nMax

I get the following error:
Quote:Error (RT) in Macro6:  Exception 0xC0000005. Access violation. Cannot read memory at 0x1C. In USER32.dll at 0x7530A8EE (0x752D0000+0x3A8EE).    

Any advice will be much appreciated,
you had a couple things incorrect
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int w=id(15 "Notepad")
SCROLLINFO tSI.cbSize=sizeof(tSI)
GetScrollInfo(w SB_VERT &tSI)
out tSI.nMax
Thanks for your reply Kevin,

Your code appears to count the number of lines in notepad.
Oh I got it, the scroll range is given by nMax-nPage+1.

Say I wanted to do the same for a Microsoft Word document. What do I set for hWnd? I tried the handle for the scrollbar, but that didn't work
Try accessible object functions. Scrollbars usually are accessible objects. At least can get position if not range.

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