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SSH with QM
I'd like to connect to a machine using SSH to a machine and run a command and then have QM parse out the results.

I did this once upon a time using Putty and RunConsole2(), but I lost it and cannot for the life of me remember how I did it. I think I may have saved a session from putty and had a script file...but it has been like 5-7 years ago and I'm not figuring it out again.

So maybe Putty is the way to go and someone could help me figure it out again or perhaps there is a better way to do this with QM.

My specific needs:
I have a bunch of Ubiquiti access points I'd like to SSH into and run "mca-dump" which returns all of the connections which I'd like to analyze using QM because I don't like how the Unifi controller web-GUI works.


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