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QM release lock on file/folderlocked by QM
I sometimes have situations where QM is the application that has a "hold" on a folder after the script successfully ended.
I found out about this when using unlocker didn't see any applications that has a lock on the folder or when restarting the "explorer.exe" or deleting the thumbnails file or by trying:
Windows + R >>  “resmon.exe”  >> ‘CPU’ >> ‘Associated handles’.

I still couldn't find any way by getting the folder unlocked, finally closing QM did the trick.

My question:
Is there a way to unlock/release files/folders locked by QM at the end of an QM script?
Or a command that releases a QM locked files/folders.
(I am not referring to locks on certain system/QM internal related files/folders)

For example for a script I use: d:\testfolder which the script uses but after the script is done the folder is not released.
(and it does not show up in 'unlocker', sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't)

From this topic: it is stated that qm cannot delete or unlock locked files.
I was hoping there might be a way to force unlock QM locked items (because maybe QM could track what it's "holding"?)
Maybe this issue is to time consuming or to complex to resolve, in that case then just skip it.
Thanks any way!
Some possible reasons:
The script uses a dll or COM dll in that folder. Cannot be unlocked.
The script uses a dll or COM function that locks some files in the folder or the folder. QM cannot unlock.
The script itself opens and does not close a file handle. Only the script can unlock (close).
Bugs somewhere.
And many other reasons, I don't know or remember.

Only the code that locked the file can unlock it. Or programs like Unlocker.
QM always closes files when finishes using. Now I don't remember other cases, except dlls and file triggers, when QM uses a file or directory handle for a long time.
Oh ok!
Thank you for the info!

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