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Right click menu
Hello all,

Is it possible to create a menu that pops up when you right click within a specific window?  And that will also no linger if you decide not to choose any items in the menu (i.e. you left-click outside the menu)?

Thanks in advance,
example showing different menu options. Works on right click of client area of notepad only

Menu ExampleMenu
Trigger #Rh1 /NOTEPAD     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
My Macros
IE :run "iexplore.exe"
Edit Options
Cut :key Cx * cut.ico
Copy :key Cc * copy.ico
Paste :key Cv * paste.ico
Delete :key X * delete.ico
Select All[9]Ctrl+A :key Cc * text.ico
Notepad Specific Options
Undo :men 16 win("" "Notepad") * undo.ico
Find... :men 21 win("" "Notepad") * find.ico
Find Next :men 22 win("" "Notepad")
Replace... :men 23 win("" "Notepad")
Go To... :men 24 win("" "Notepad")
Time/Date :men 26 win("" "Notepad")
Font... :men 33 win("" "Notepad")
for more help read

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