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Different "resolution" on my notebook
Hello, I have a problem with QM on my notebook. 
The QM Window and the toolbars are changing sizes, like it would have another resolution. Especially if I start another program (The Brain). As to be seen here: 1. normal 2. start of the other program 3. QM is now bigger 4. QM window is started again and in normal size, but the window is very small. 5. Toolbar normal size 6. Toolbar big size, if QM window is also big. 
If the other program is starting QM is changing its size immediately. 

[Image: 1normalgrsse.png][Image: 2startbrain.png][Image: 3zugrossgeworden.png]
[Image: 4neustartmacrosfensterklein.png][Image: 5toolbarklein.png][Image: 6toolbarnachstartvonbrain.png]
It is a know problem, and cannot be fixed in QM2. It happens when multiple display monitors have different DPI setting. Some windows are not aware about high DPI and therefore OS scales (resizes) them. If a QM toolbar is attached to such a window, OS scales all QM windows too. Sometimes makes too big, sometimes too small.

On Windows 10, monitor DPI can be changed in Windows Settings -> System -> Display -> Scale and layout. On older OS in Control Panel. QM works best if DPI of all monitors is 100%.

If you cannot change DPI, avoid adding toolbars to DPI-scaled windows.
Can I use a function, which is starting the toolbar, if the window is on top and closing the toolbar, if the window is not on top or visible or something else? 
So the toolbar itself has no trigger and is just started by another macro.
Please install QM 2.4.9 beta. Then in Options check "Attach toolbars less tightly". Restart QM if there are already toolbars attached to non-QM windows.
Thanks a lot!

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