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How to attach a toolbar to any standard context menu?
I would like to create a toolbar that should appear aside any standard Microsoft Windows context menu. This means that the context menu should be treated like it was a window. I know how to create a toolbar attached to a window, that should appear, for example, whenever that window in active. But it looks like a context menu doesn’t have a “window name”, nor a “window class” to be used as a trigger. I could make my toolbar appear whenever I press a right click, but in this case, since the toolbar would be triggered by the right click and not by the context menu, it could appear over or behind the context menu; I would like it to appear aside any context menu. I have seen the possibility to attach a macro to a Shell menu, but I don’t want a macro running after clicking a shell menu; I want a toolbar appearing as soon as the shell menu appears, I mean, as soon as I press right click, and should appear located aside the menu.
context menus do have a class 
most are usually #32768

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