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How to Start & Stop a Macro based on Time
I have a Macro that I use all the time that I would like to make  so it starts at a certain time and stops at a certain time.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks much  Captain Hook
can use task scheduled task dialog 

select the macro/function you want to run at a certain time
 click the properties icon on qm window
then click
Thanks for the help.

I was wondering since the Macro sits there repeating all day long is there a way I can set it up with code in the Macro itself so when it gets to a certain time at night it stops and sits there

and waits  for a time in the morning when it continues on again.

Thanks much.  Captain Hook
I was just wondering if anybody has come up with a better solution to this issue.

I would like to be able to just add some code that would make the Macro Pause at a certain time and

then resume at a certain time.

Thanks much

Captain Hook

can always create a launcher function that will start and stop your macro

must be a function

Function Launcher
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int IsSet
,DateTime dt
,str t= dt.ToStr(2)
,if t="8:00 AM" and IsSet=0
,,mac "YourMacroName";;change name to your macro or function name
,if t="8:00 PM"
,,shutdown -6 0 "YourMacroName";;change name to your macro or function name

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