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inaccessible objects
Say I want to list all controls in a form, but some of the controls are out of view and require to scroll down to see them.

If I declare the forum as an accessible object, then attempt to look for all its children with GetChildObjects(), I only get a list of the controls that are in view and not of ones that require you to scroll down.

How do I remedy this?

If these objects exist but are invisible, add flag 16. Else need to scroll somehow.

Macro Macro12
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int w=win("Quick Macros" "QM_Editor")
Acc a.Find(w "LIST" "" "class=SysListView32[]id=2212" 0x1004)
ARRAY(Acc) k; int i
a.GetChildObjects(k -1 "" "" "" 16) ;;flag 16: +invisible
out k.len
for i 0 k.len
,out k[i].Name
That did it. Thank you!

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