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Alt Tab trigger from Chromebook
I'm using a chromebook to connect to a virtual windows 10 machine using RDP. Pressing Alt+Tab gets prioritized to ChromeOS and not the win10 machine.  QuickMacros is installed on the win10, so I'd like to create a keyboard trigger for Shift+Tab that works like Alt+Tab.

I'm not sure how to go about writing the code to make something like Alt+Tab+Tab+Tab+Tab work.

I'm sure it's keypress and then a wait thingy and some magic.

Well, work day is over. Perhaps I'll figure it out tomorrow or one of you will figure it out for me! Thanks.

p.s. Keyboard shortcut "Alt+R" runs a function "key Wr" so I can launch the run command on my virtual machine from Chromebook. Works like a charm!

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