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Toolbar I want to be visible in 1 application only, is visible in all other
I have created a toolbar that I want to use with notepad++ only.
Its trigger is - 
!a"D:\Thepad.txt - Notepad++" "Notepad++" "" "" "" 0x2 /NOTEPAD++,NOTEPAD++PORTABLE

The item properties pic is here - pic

I want it to be visible only when the active widow on screen is notepad++ (notepad++ portable I am using). But the problem is that once I start this toolbar by going to the my made toolbarmacro in quickacros application, the toolbar then appears in all the applications.So it is visible in all the applications which is a nuisacne as I want it to be visible only i notepad++, and not when any other application windows are active.

How can I make the toolbar visble only in notepad++?

A toolbar can be attached to a window in two ways:

1. Window trigger. Your trigger should work, but maybe need to remove the document part in Notepad++ window name:
!a"*Notepad++" "Notepad++" "" "" "" 0x2 /NOTEPAD++,NOTEPAD++PORTABLE

2. Run macro like this:
Macro Macro284
Copy      Help
int w=win("*Notepad++" "Notepad++" "Notepad++" 1); if(w=0) ret
mac "Toolbar5" w
Thanks Gintaras,
The 1st method didnt work but the second one works absolutely!

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