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http request result used in macro
I would like to receive data from a VLC HTTP request. The request url is in this form
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[Image: vlcResult.jpg]

Above is an example of what it returns. How can I create variables from the nodes? I tried to use the example in a post I saw that uses iXml but I could not get it to work. To be clear for example how can I create a variable for a node like <state></state> which should result in "stopped"? Thanks
If need only state, the simplest way to get it is a regular expression. Or if don't want to learn regular expressions, use function find and str.get.
If need a single XML element, usually is used XPath, but this XML is too simple. Just get the child element.

Macro Macro201
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str xml=

IXml x._create
IXmlNode e = x.RootElement.Child("state")
out e.Value

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