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Hiding/Modifying user agent
I am using qm and accessible objects in Internet Explorer.

Does anybody know how I can modify/spoof my User Agent to make it more generic and less unique to my computer so that I can hide my identity more from Google and YouTube please?

I still need to tell Google I am using IE browser (and not another browser like Chrome or Firefox) but I would like to be as anonymous as possible with the rest of the agent settings whilst still getting web pages served up by Google in IE format.

I already use proxies for IP addresses etc but user agent can still be used by Google.  I am aware of F12 developer options in IE but they just allow older versions of IE which are not supported by YouTube.
Actually after more research I noticed that IE is best at sending generic user agents (Chrome is very specific to your computer) and the F12 emulate option in IE does allow you to use a custom agent which you can design yourself although you have to make sure the web page still loads properly with your custom agent string.

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