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How to change registry folder name?
How can I change the name of the folder where the key value is registered because the key value in the folder registered in the registry can be changed?


rename=> GinDi2
Function RenameRegistryKey
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function $parentKey $oldName $newName [hive]

;Renames a registry key.
;Error if failed.

;parentKey, hive - parent key and hive, like with <help>rget</help>.
;;;If parentKey is "", uses hive as key handle.
;oldName, newName - old and new name of the subkey.

;RenameRegistryKey "Software\Gindi\QM2\User" "KD" "KE"

dll advapi32 #RegRenameKey hKey @*lpSubKeyName @*lpNewKeyName ;;undocumented API

RegKey k
if(!k.Open(parentKey)) end "failed to open parent key"
if(RegRenameKey(k @oldName @newName)) end "failed to rename"

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