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Possible InsertStatement bug
there seems to be a possible bug in InsertStatement when adding an autotext item and the code and the label start with the same word . The comment is not entered
or maybe i am using InsertStatement incorrectly but it works except for this 1 situation
See video here
It’s a bit strange, it seems that can’t use the same word, otherwise I can’t add a comment.  Huh

Using Unicode characters has the same problem, the same words cannot be in the comments and statements.

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InsertStatement then ignores comment because comment is used to display in a manual confirmation popup instead code. If code and comment are the same, then why need comment. InsertStatement is used by internal QM code where this behavior is better.
The example I gave above is a bit unreasonable.

The following examples, which I use often, comment cannot have the same words as the statements.  Confused

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