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free macro #1 - Cool Edit Pro 2.1 shortcut
I often get mp3's as whole album files. I prefer that these files be broke down into individual songs. I have found CEP to be very effective for this task. However, it's still a bit of a tedious task with a number of mouse/keyboard clicks.

The basic procedure is as follows:
Zoom in and find the "break" between to "first" and "second" songs.
Select to beginning of file.
Paste to new file.
Switch back to album file, (now with the "first" song removed).
Zoom back out. Ready to extract next song.

My solution:
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;Shift+Home - selects to beginning of file
;Ctrl+x - to cut
key SH Cx
;wait for the "Cutting" dialog to appear then dissapear
wait 0 WV "Cutting..."
wait 0 WD "Cutting..."
;Ctrl+Shift+n - paste to new file
key CSn
;wait for the "Pasting" dialog to appear then dissapear
wait 0 WV "Pasting..."
wait 0 WD "Pasting..."
;Alt+w for the Window menu
;Down Arrow and Enter to switch back to the album file
key Aw D Y
;Ctrl+Atl+z to zoom back out.
key CAz

I customized the Zoom Out button to use Ctrl+Alt+z.

This macro saves me tons of time and confusion about what step and/or song I'm on.

I use $MSN$ to get the track times. Great resource!:
If anyone knows of another "better?" source for track times, Please speak up. :wink:
Just say HEMP!

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