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Garbled characters appear on the Windows 10 Chinese version system
I just installed the latest version of the windows10 operating system, version number 1809, but often there will be garbled situations, the following is the picture when the error occurs

When using the recording function, there will be a comment automatically added use Chinese string. It was good at the time, but sometimes when I turn off QM and reopen it, Chinese will become garbled.

On the Windows7 Chinese operating system, there is no such situation.

Garbled characters appear randomly, without rules Huh

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I cannot reproduce. Tested on Windows 10 with Chinese simplified as the display language. I still cannot get Windows 10 1809, therefore tested with 1803.

In Options, is "Unicode" checked? Must be checked.

If Unicode checked, then the incorrect display of some characters probably is a Windows bug. Some next Windows update should fix it.

If key works incorrectly, possibly some software interferes. Try:

opt keysync 2 ;;also try opt keysync 1
key "This is simple text, typed using the keyboard." Y

If opt keysync works, it can be made default.
After completing the system upgrade patch, it is now normal. Smile

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