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QM 2.4.8 - 2.4.10

Fixed bug: memory leak in GetFilesInFolder, FE_Dir (used with foreach to enumerate files), Dir.dir, IEnumFiles.
Function RunConsole2: added flags for UTF-8 and some other text encodings. Also now does not fail when the program is in the 64-bit system folder and not in the 32-bit folder.
Functions IntGetFile, Http.Get, Http.GetUrl: added parameter sendHeaders.

2.4.10, released 2020-01-23
Fixed bug: cannot extract icons from macro resources on recent Windows 10 versions.
Thank you for this new version 2.4.8!
However, I failed to launch it, with message box indicationg that "Function init failed to compile". As a matter of fact a series of fatal errors follow. I am using Win-XP. Kind regards!
Thank you. Now fixed.
Why does Windows Defender give a warning when running the installer?
I also think that you have to set "I do not accept the agreement" as default. At least in germany you have to opt in by hand.

Have a nice new year by the way.
1. It is a new file, unseen for antivirus programs, therefore still have no reputation.
2. It is not signed.

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