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Quote:[b]Gintaras[/b] [Image: buddy_offline.png] 
Sunday, August 19th, 2018, 12:35 pm

Probably next year, but its first version will not have all QM2 features. It is not compatible with QM2, because its scripting language is C#.

Hi Gintaras,
I would rather you have time to work on release of QM3 then answer my question in great detail  Big Grin 
But......since so much of my professional work including large #'s of colleagues depends on QM (QM2 code), I was wondering if you could shed some light on what QM3 will mean:
Would love to know more about:
  • why scripting language is C#? What additional capabilities does that give i.e. What advantages to learn new syntax/structure?
  • Will it be more compatible or easier to take advantage of newer Windows API methods, .NET, UI elements like WPF, use of existing 3rd party or application dll's?
  •  Will it be easier for you to provide solutions code-wise? (we truly appreciate all you do in the forum and QM updates!!!!)
  • How easy/hard will it be to re-write current QM code in QM3? Will it be worth it or advised by you to do so or just use QM2 code for old stuff and QM3 stuff for new?
  • If so, will it be allowed to run both QM2 and QM3 environments at same time?
 I have been trying to learn Python since much of Machine-Learning world likes Python. For me, the difference between QMscript, VB, VBA, Python is all just a matter of learning syntax but the logic/structure is still very understandable, whereas C# code that I see on MSDN seems harder for me to get my head around (but I am always eager to grow as a part-time-developer).

And finally any updates on likelihood of beta release?

Thanks for any info - hope you don't find so many questions to be too demanding  - we QM devotees  have insatiable desire for new magic from Gintaras!!!! Thanks for all you do!

also just realized that C# is a compiled language rather than is hard to imagine QM having that "Quick" scripting aspect. Again, just hoping to get an advanced peek on your vision for the future of QM.
Thanks so much!
QM 2 and 3 can run at the same time. Don't need to rewrite QM2 code; it is not easy and probably not worth.

QM3 is similar to 2. Main differences:
1. It's language is C#. Possibly in the future also VB.NET.
2. Free, open-source.
3. Its automation library can be used in any .NET app.

It will be named not "Quick Macros", but still has no name. Now I call it QM3.

Why C#?
The QM2 language has no future, it's obvious. It must be replaced with one of major languages.
From such languages, C# is the best for QM. Powerful, elegant, safer than QM2, quite easy to learn and use. Can be used for quick scripting. Its type system is static, like in QM2. Supports Windows API, COM, pointers. Has a good library (.NET framework). On the internet you can find C# code, libraries and programming info for almost everything. I only have to create automation functions.

2019, I hope.
Thanks so much. All very understandable. Sounds like the dialogs with the reticule pointer will still be a part of the environment. I learned so much from the code snippets they generate as well as the examples in the archive and forum questions. Looking forward to the future!

ps. Some ideas for new name: Quick#, QuickSharp, QS, Q#, Q, QuickC, Quixie, Quix, Qx, QX
Thank you for the names. It seems all short names already taken.
Although my current programming level is not high, I think QM2's script recording function is very powerful, and the statement is very simple and clear. I want to know, does QM3 also have script recording function?

I am looking forward to QM3 and become more powerful. Tongue
Eventually QM3 should have all most important QM2 features, including recording.
I just learned C# programming language, there are a lot of parentheses,

 there is no parentheses in QM2, it looks very clear, I want to know, QM3 and QM2 will have a big difference in grammar? 

Can you write a few examples to illustrate the difference between C# and QM3 syntax? Tongue
QM2 macro:

Copy      Help
int w=win("- Mozilla Firefox" "MozillaWindowClass")
act w
lef 331 115 w 1
key L "text" Y
int i
for i 0 5
,out i
,out i*i

C# script in QM3:
Copy      Help
var w = Wnd.Find("*- Mozilla Firefox", "MozillaWindowClass");
Mouse.Click(w, 331, 115);
Key("Left", "text", "Enter");
for(int i=0; i<5; i++) {

C# code is longer but easier to read than QM2.
in QM3, If there is no {} and ;, it will be simpler.

I think QM2 is the world's most compact scripting language.

I want to focus on RPA in the future. I try a lot of software, such as Blue Prism, UiPath, AUTOMATION ANYWHERE, etc. I think QM2 has surpassed them. QM takes up very little resources, is more flexible, and is very comprehensive.

I am looking forward to QM3 having more feature setting dialogs and sorting by category, which is more friendly for beginners. Smile
I cannot wait to see "QM3". Thanks for your continued hard work, Gint.
thanks I finished a trail recently of QM2 and looked at youtube videos, its very impressive althought the language seems a bit hard to decipher, the C# example code you provided looks great and more logical and easier to understand! im looking forward to it...

my question is... I would like to purchase the QM2 current platform, would QM3 be a new software completely and a new purchase?  when do you estimate the 1st version of QM3 be released?  i have several Python text manipulation scripts that I use.... can you implement a way to run Python scripts from QM3?

thanks for the help
>would QM3 be a new software completely and a new purchase?
In any case, will not need a new purchase.

>when do you estimate the 1st version of QM3 be released?
Very limited - 2019. Fully working - ????.

>can you implement a way to run Python scripts from QM3?
Full with editor etc - no. It is possible but too much work for me.
Will the QM3 code editor be based on scintilla?
That's great!!!
I came across something called QuickSharp (QuickSharp.Core/SDK and IDE) -

I am trying to understand it - says it's a wrapper around .NET to enable quick and dirty C# programming without the overhead of projects. solutions etc.

This sounds like I imagine what QM3 will be like except that QM3 will have the amazing automation library that allows for wrapping programming around pre-existing windows applications, automating or enhancing native functionality. Does that sound right? Have you looked at this already?
Yes, similar. ISE like QuickSharp + automation library.
any QM3 updates?
No pressure  Big Grin
The first preview version will be released this year, maybe this month.
Info and download
Compared with QM2

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