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How to get rid of the extra }
Hello everyone, there are {} in my multi-line text, I have escaped, but there will be one more output after the output}

I hope someone can help me point out the mistakes. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Smile

Macro ERR
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str pf="c:"

str be=F"bcdedit"
str url=F"{pf}\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD"
out url
str s=
;{be} /store {url} /set {{ramdiskoptions}} ramdisksdidevice boot
;{be} /store {url} /set {{ramdiskoptions}} ramdisksdipath \EFI\BOOT\BOOT.sdi
;for /f "delims={{,}} tokens=2" %%a in ('{be} /store {url} /create /d "winPE" /application  osloader') do set Guid={{%%a}}
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% device boot
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% device ramdisk="[boot]\EFI\BOOT\BOOT.wim,{{ramdiskoptions}}"
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% osdevice ramdisk="[boot]\EFI\BOOT\BOOT.wim,{{ramdiskoptions}}"
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% path \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% locale zh-CN
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% inherit {{bootloadersettings}}
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% systemroot \windows
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% BootMenuPolicy Legacy
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% detecthal yes
;{be} /store {url} /set %Guid% winpe yes
;{be} /store {url} /displayorder %Guid% -addlast
;{be} /store {url} /timeout 8

out s

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should be



should be



should be

You are right, thank you very much, but I don't know why. Huh
from qm help

Escape sequences are replaced only in text parts of quoted strings. As escape sequence for { can be used {{. The {{ escape sequence also can be used in multiline strings.

so only need the extra { at the beginning . Qm looks for {{  and if it finds {{ escapes it. Don't need the extra } on the end.
@kevin Thank you for your help

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