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Looking forward to adding the AutoText dialog
AutoText is very frequent in normal learning and work, so I hope to add AutoText dialogs and global hotkeys.

thank you very much Heart

Below is a schematic

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I have tried a lot of phrase software, for example:

Phraseexpress (The price is very expensive)


After more than two months of comparison, I feel that QM scripts are very powerful, more flexible and simple. Unfortunately, there are no dialog boxes and global hotkeys for AutoText in QM. I am looking forward to developers in the new software. Add this feature, thanks in advance  Smile
I found the function of the text dialog and wanted to modify it based on the original code. I copied it and renamed it to TO_AutoText.

But when I run the function, I get some errors, so I want to know how to modify the system's own function and run it.

I hope someone can give me some suggestions and tips, thank you very much.

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System Tools functions are too difficult to modify.


Quick Macros 2 development is stopped and it will not have more dialogs and new functions. I'm working with next major version; it will be released not soon.
QM3, will be released soon? Does it have all the features of QM2? What are the main characteristics?  Tongue
Probably next year, but its first version will not have all QM2 features. It is not compatible with QM2, because its scripting language is C#.

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