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Using QM In Bluestacks

I work alot with the software Bluestacks which is an Android Emulator software.. A virtual Android 

However, QM doesnt seem to work in this software, anything I record and try to Play while Bluestacks is active results in error with no specific explanation and nothing happening.

Is there a step I need to take to make QM work in emulators or something? It did work before on Bluestacks until I switched bluestacks version.. so makes no sense Sad

Help please!
Which Bluestacks version?

I tested this version, no problems: version 3N, client, engine

Macro Macro5
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#region Recorded 2018-06-04 16:16:33
int w1=act(win("BlueStacks" "HwndWrapper[BlueStacks.exe;*"))
lef 82 188 w1 1 ;;push button
lef 1031 181 w1 1 ;;push button
I have the exact same version actually!

I noticed something now.. Everything seems to work except for the paste command when I try to paste a predefined text in Bluestacks, something this simple

Paste "Hello World"

Will give me an error:
Test: cannot paste. Possible reasons. ?

I have to mention that this will paste Hello World anywhere else outside Bluestacks, only in Bluestacks do I get an error trying to paste..
Import and use this function instead of paste.

Function Paste
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function ~text

;Pastes text.
;In most programs uses this code: paste text
;In BlueStacks uses this code: text.setclip; key Cv

opt noerrorshere 1
spe -1
str s.getwinexe(win); err
sel s 1
,case "BlueStacks"
,key Cv
,case else
,paste text

Macro Macro5
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int w1=act(win("BlueStacks" "HwndWrapper[BlueStacks.exe;*"))
Paste "test"
Wow! Thanks alot, its working now finally!! Thanks!
After testing it for a while, I have to say its not without bugs.. sometimes it will not paste the correct text I have defined but the text of the one I had previously copied instead..
Yes, I noticed it too. Especially the first time after starting BlueStacks or after some time of not using it. And I cannot find a good workaround.
I added 0.3 in the function code in previous post. Now should be more reliable. But slow.
Unfortunately does not help with a pause, what works for me is triggering the macro, it pastes the wrong one, I manually mark everything (Ctrl A) och hits the macro again and it gives me the right paste. However if I put this procedure into the macro, it doesnt work.. very strange problem! :/

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