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How to type "[" in a macro?
Quote:I would like to type as below in a macro operation:
10 ([1-9])   

But when I tried to operate it, it says syntax error in [.
This is for Find and Replace in MS word using pattern wild card.

What can I do for this?
not sure exactly what your trying to do here but if your trying to generate Ten random numbers between 1 and 9 would do like this.
also included some examples on how to type your text.

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int num
rep 10
,num=RandomInt(1 9)
,out num
,///// other
out 10*(1-9) ;;10x1-9
out "10 ([1-9])" ;;just outputting your text no math
;;if needing to type it use key,paste or .setwintext
,str s="10 ([1-9])"
,///example showing how to put text in notepad without typing uncomment  and open notepad to see how it works
,;int w=win("" "Notepad")
,;int c=id(15 w) ;;editable text 'Text Editor'
,paste s
,key (s)
;; just for testing place cursor below this line then run

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