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Hotkeys doesnt work
I dont know why but I have tried everything. Making sure hotkeys/triggers is enabled, making sure the triggerkey on the macro is correct and is stated so on the macro but everytime I press the trigger, nothing happens. However if I click RUN, the macro works. 

Would really appreciate some help with this!!!
Some possible reasons, and how to fix or debug it:

Restart Quick Macros. Sometimes Windows disables a low-level hook because of timeout. These hooks are used for triggers.

In Options/Triggers, in the first list must be selected Keyboard. By default all are selected.

In Options/Trigger, Use low-level hook, try to uncheck Keyboard. Then Apply and test triggers. Check again if it does not help.

Run this macro to test whether low-level keyboard hooks work.

Function LL_keyboard_hooks
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int hh=SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL &sub.LLKeyboardProc _hinst 0)
mes "Press several keys while this message box is open. It should display key names in QM output."
UnhookWindowsHookEx hh

#sub LLKeyboardProc
function nCode wParam KBDLLHOOKSTRUCT&h

FormatKeyString h.vkCode 0 &_s
out "%s %s%s" _s iif(h.flags&LLKHF_UP "up" "down") iif(h.flags&LLKHF_INJECTED ", injected" "")

ret CallNextHookEx(0 nCode wParam &h)

Also test mouse triggers.

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