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Dual keyboards
You know how it's possible to have 2 keyboards running on one computer via ps2 or usb etc?

can QM differentiate between those 2 keyboards? For example, can it trigger a macro via the usb keyboard when the f key is pressed but not when the main keyboard's f key is pressed?

Basically what I'm trying to do is not buy another 56 key pad but I really like the button pad concept and the physical presence of the buttons as I am now well over 120 macros and 2-3 dozen specialized gestures via my Touch Stream keyboad.


I just hooked up a third keyboard and everything is triggering GREAT!!!

I'm having a real 2001 moment here...

My God, it's full of stars....

the figures stack up like this....
3xtra keyboards give you almost 300 single key "hotkeys" and over 2000 total hotkeys!!

my spleen is still quivering!!!!

Thank Gintaras!
Wow! Oh, the possibilties. Thanks Gintaras ( and Ken for the suggestion).
Matt B
here's one of the possibilities i've mapped out on my
I'm having one issue with the dual keyboard setup.
I have a macro that is triggered via the 2nd keyboard's F1 key, however, I'm still getting the "help" from programs that are in focus when I hit that key; the macro fires off as well, though.

Did I set it up wrong?

F1 //FF_Keyboard2

Note: other keys seem to do just fine eg the letters from the 2nd keyboard that are triggers don't print when I'm in a field.


not sure if i mentioned that earlier.
QM cannot eat F1 key. Actually, QM eats keyboard messages, but F1 also generates WM_HELP message.

well, this'll deal with that....

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clo win("*Help" "" "" 1);err
I'm getting some strange behavior in the dual kb setup.
Occasionally, when i hit a key the keystroke is passed to the program but if I hit that same key again, it fires the macro off correctly.

It has happened on various keys; I'm using XP-pro sp2.

any ideas why this might be happening?
Probably sometimes WM_INPUT message is received later than message that is received by QM keyboard hook. Maybe setting high priority will fix this. Insert this before ShowDialog.

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I tried the first solution but that gave me this error

Error in Keyboard_Detector: expected 2 arguments, not 1.
It is single line.
check. working now.
I should have a failure within the next few days if it is going to fail.
I'll let you know either way.

It looks as though the first solution fixed it.
I am having some non-fireing issue but that is due to VirtuaWin not keeping a program active for some reason.
well, i knew i shouldn't have posted that so soon (i didn't want to forget and leave that hanging). i just put the extra code in from #2 and will let you know.
I'm still getting the occasion misfire but once it misfires it will continue to misfire until i click on something (a window). i built a macro using OSD to get the active window 2x a second to see if perhaps my machine is clearing the active window and leaving "nothing" active but the OSD shows some thing act even when there are multiple misfires.

It is very sporatic as far as when it happens and it's hard to reproduce the "enviroment" but once it's there the misfires are consistant.

I started with the first option and then commented it out and now have the second option in place (except for the mouse references cuz i never picked that version of it up). would changing the tickcount help?

if(GetTickCount-g_current_keyboard_time > 200) 0.02
Download new version. Now the possibility to recognize incorrect keyboard is minimized.

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