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It is recommended to add a collection code utility button!
I hope that the QM to add one, you can collect code fragments of the utility, with this tool for beginners, code masters, have a great help!thank you very much!

Video demo link:
I have designed a UI interface, you can refer to

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If I look at other people's macro code, found a good code snippet, with the above features, very useful

Now I have a idea quick to enter the collection code(the picture below), I can give each collection of code defined as AutoText

For example: When I import @imc, the code snippet, automatic input to the editing area, this will greatly improve the work efficiency!

I hope QM developers, to consider this feature, so that more people benefit from it

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I tried in the AutoText, the definition of multi-line code, but encountered a problem, (below picture) I hope that the QM developers can guide, thank you in advance,

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I redesigned the form, at the same time, it is recommended that the QM template also into this tool, this will be very easy to manage (The picture below) Tongue

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Add a global hotkey to the scriptlet utility: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S

When I was on the Internet and found useful code, II selected the code snippet,press this hotkey, Will pop up the following named window,

Named well, open the prompt window,

and then automatically open the above dialog box for me to collect and collate Smile

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