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Wait for computer is online
I managed to wake up a computer from home in the office with sending a qm net signal to the server in the office.
In the server qm the net function does check if sender and which computer parameters are sent.
Then i send from qm to wol.exe the command and after some minutes i see in TeamViewer that the computer has woken up.

What would be the best way to have qm waiting for the computer comes online?
With ping?
Or maybe with checking if a standart files can be read?

Once qm finds the computer i then can send back an indicator, that remote desktop session can be started.
I did not know that QM net can wake a computer.

What means "online"?

If "online" means "I can access its files through network", I would use FileExists or dir. These functions will probably wait a limited time if the network folder is not accessible; I would use a loop.

But I don't have much knowledge about this, what is the best way. If you'll find C++ or C# etc code in stackoverflow etc, I can help to convert to QM.
Net is not directly waking up the computer. I invoke wol.exe for that.
Can you give me an example how to use console with ping?
I have never done something with console and capturing output before.

Like cmd.exe ping computer every 60 seconds and just out it in qm.

the server is the DNS and active directory host in the office. Around 20 computers are connected in the network there.
str s
RunConsole2 "ping" s
out s

See also Ping function: Collected QM apps, functions, samples
Doh. So simple.

Maybe i should stop this approach and focus on installing qm on every maschine Smile
That would be better to maintain i guess.
When a computer is online it sends in intervals an online message via net to the server qm.
Server qm stores these info into a database, which will tell my home workstation which computer is online.
Gonna make me a floating window or toolbar for that.

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