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array question
I think this is an array question
i need the macro to start with a number, lets say 1, and everytime it runs the macro, add one to that number and enter it into a form.
where do I start? How do I do this?

In that macro, declare global int variable and add 1.

int+ g_abcba
outp g_abcba
this is the line that has the input

where the "2" represents the number i am typing manually now, do I just put
outp g_abcba there? and is there any brackets to put around it or anything?
sorry but I really no nothing about coding, i just need this to work for 1 project. Also, where do i declare that the global int starts at "1"
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int+ g_abcba
str s=g_abcba ;;convert to string, so that can be used with the key command

Declaration is int+ g_abcba. If you want to be able to reset the variable, for example, create other macro and there assign 0:

int+ g_abcba=0

In the example, this variable is declared again, to avoid error if "reset" macro runs first.

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