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How can I move the mouse to the focused item?.
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Acc a=acc
In SysListView32 works but in ListView20WndClass doesn't work.
Do you know another way?
Try scan (QM 2.1.7, Find Image dialog).
Ok. Thanks.
Scan works but I looked for something faster.
This code moves the mouse to the selected item in Windows Explorer. It is quite fast. About 10 ms with mouse movement, about 7 ms without. Windows Explorer is maximized.

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int t1=perf
scan "tv sel.bmp" child("" "SysTreeView32" "+ExploreWClass" 0x1) 0 0x3
int t2=perf
out t2-t1

Would be much slower if scan would search in whole screen, not only in tree view control.
Ok. Thanks again.

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