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Rocker Gestures
Rocker gestures are becoming popular in a lot of programs. The Opera browser was the first program to have them (AFAIK) and has them built in.
All of the other major browsers now have plugins for rockers too.

I've been trying to use QM to make rocker macros for other programs, but I'm not getting very far. Is this even possible?

This is how they work:
To go back: Hold the Right button down then click Left
To go forward: Hold the Left button down then click Right

I tried to make the rocker for going forward like this:

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,out "Go Forward"
,;;key AF
,out "normal right click"

Is that the right way to test if the left button is being held down? The help file for ifk() says "Virtual key codes for mouse buttons: 1 left, 2 right, 4 middle." I also tried testing with ifk(#L) but that doesn't work either. However, if I test against a key, like ifk(F8) it works fine.
ifk(1) is the same as ifk 1. Insert space after ifk.

See also:
Ahh, thank you.. I must've overlooked that post. I'll try again with that Mouse Chords method.

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