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Unexpected behavior Version (Portable)
For quite a while I have sinds I am using version I am having some unexpected behaviour:
- 'Dialog_Editor' string not appearing when I am create a new smart dialog
- Class/ID not beeing detected when using acc objects on the latest firefox

When I am in the window "Find accesible object" and I target a HTML component within the Firefox browser, the class/id of the item I dragged upon is not fetched. For example the main page, the "home" link. In an old firefox version (36) I got it to work.

Clicking top left "Home" link on "":

Firefox version 36(Portable)
[Image: VTZXfw05QKWxbjz4gbisd-0wb4QhJcQ264Y--xzK...e=1280x960]

Firefox 44 and current 45.02 (Portable)
[Image: exmRm9jfjZE1IGefc3IZ58GUqjcdLjEZrjNtlkfo...e=1280x960]

There might be something wrong from my end, but my PC configuration (hard and software) has been the same for about the last few years.
The only thing that get's updated are: Browsers, QM, and other portable applications (Windows 7 64bit).

I think the accessible object Firefox issue might be related to updates within Firefox(?)
The green "Dialog_Editor" text not showing did not happen in previous versions.
It still happens when I try it in a clean portable version. (I have a seperate completely clean version to test issues, with clean I mean: NO qm items from my end, no triggers, no settings changed. It is kept in the same state as when I it was installed).

I also tested with security applications disabled: Malware Bytes, MS security essentials and peerblock but both issues persist.
Still this could very well be some issue from my end.
1. Because added Tools menu item + toolbar button "Dialog Editor". The old behavior was unclear for new users.
2. Does not work if using only portable Firefox. Install Firefox or: FireFox portable and FireFox functions (FirefoxGetTabs, ..)
The weird thing is, is that I have that script already run at windows logon (and I still can get the id/class correctly from old firefox).
Thank you for resolving the "Dialog_Editor".
I will continue to try to find a solution for my issue which is now obvious it is coming from my end.
Thank you for your very quick response (as always!).
I did not test with new portable Firefox. Will test later.
I did tried the installation version of the version 46 and then it works (32bit).
The portable version of 46 and 46.01 do not work (32bit).
I don't know if that's any help?
Anyway, thank you!
#6 ... le#32and64

Edit the ini file or delete or rename the Firefox64 folder. Then will run Firefox 32-bit, and QM functions should work.
Yes it works!

Copy from: x:\portableapps\FirefoxPortable\Other\Source\FirefoxPortable.ini
To: x:\portableapps\FirefoxPortable\

Add to it:


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