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grid select row on space or enter (quick and dirty way?)
Is there a "quick and dirty" way to select a row on ENTER or SPACE?

Something like this (?):
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case LVN_KEYDOWN                
     NMLVKEYDOWN* nk=+nh
         case VK_SPACE                        
             int x=id(17 hDlg)
            ;; SendMessage x NM_CLICK .... ?

I can't get the code above working properly, I can trigger code when other keys are pressed (A, B, C, ... SHIFT, CONTROL....) but not SPACE or ENTER.

I can imagine this functionality takes to much time to code, in that case please ignore it.
But if there is a quick and dirty workaround I would really appreciate it!
Ned investigation, I'll ignore it.
Ok no problem, had a feeling it would be a time consuming request!

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