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How can I modify BIKeyboardProc to unblock using certain keystrokes:
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function nCode wParam KBDLLHOOKSTRUCT*lParam

,if(lParam.flags&16=0 and !__bitempunblock and !(__bihwnd and __bihwnd!=win)) ;;not ijected, not unblocked, ...
,,;allow certain keystrokes
,,sel lParam.vkCode ;;virtual-key code
,,,case 'A' if(GetMod=2) key Ca ;;resend Ctrl+A
,,,case VK_F5 if(GetMod=0) key F5 ;;resend F5
,,,;case ...
,,,case 'P'
,,,,BlockInput2 0 ;;end blocking when Ctrl+P pressed
,,,,;Also should somehow end or notify the macro that called BlockInput2 and now is waiting.
,,,,;For example, the macro can wait for a global variable, and here you can set it.
,,ret 1 ;;eat

ret CallNextHookEx(__bikhook nCode wParam lParam) ;;don't eat
__bihwnd doesn't appear in BlockInput2...
delete that part
Ok. Thanks again.

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