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QM File Viewer behavior on QML import
Hi Gintaras,
I am not sure if this should go into WishList rather than bug report. I am also still on so perhaps this has been addressed.
The red checkmark indicates that there already is a func/macro with the same name in your QM app. However, if you have a lot of functions in a lot of subfolders (like the Archive.qml), it can be very hard to find the items referred to in the Import Popup dlg "There are x items that already exist....".
It would be so much faster if a parent folder was also red (or perhaps a different color) to indicate that at least one element in it's subfolders already existed. Then it would be easy to ignore many top and intermediate level folders right off the bat, instead of spending much much time enlarging and collapsing folders.
Hopefully this is an easy fix or settable option for the future.
Thanks so much,
Will need to add "Expand folders" button.
Thanks for considering it.

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