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Onscreen Display Adding
i would like for an onscreen display to add each time the space bar is released, i use to beable to do this and i lost all my codes from it like 6 years ago, any help would be appreciated , thanks

Ps. if you could put in size / color / format / Position of where i want it that would be great.. Thanks again
Quote:to add
what does that mean ?
to add what and where?
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so forth every time the spacebar is pressed ,
i think i use to use if(!GetProp but its been so long i forget how to do it.. so everytime the spacebar is pressed or anything at all it adds 1 to the count , i would like color font size and position on it also , i know it can be done because back when i was into using qm hard core i made a code to do it
SetProp(w1 "add" 1)

opt err 1
str s="1"

str a3="1"
a3.setwintext(id(6689 w1))

then keep adding 1 to it, omg its been so long i can't remember , but that was just a quick put together of an example but i think i did it a totally different way
Function Function292
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int i
,wait 0 K V
,OnScreenDisplay F"space {i}" -1 0 0 "" 20 0xff8080 1|8 "spacebar counter" 0xc0ffff

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